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Bellbird, Lake Manapouri, Fiordland New Zealand.
Permission granted from phoographert/Fairfax NZ. Sign by Ray Willett

A Brief Timeline

15 Nov 2013: Online notice by Environment Southland that the
Southland District Council (SDC) has applied for permits to
spray treated sewage onto land and discharge odour into the

air. Location: Kepler Block at the Te Anau-Manapouri Airport.

14 Feb 2014: Final date to send in a submission.
14 July 2014: Joint Hearing held in Te Anau.
18 July 2014: Hearing adjourned. Commissioners request more
. . . . . . . . . . .research to be carried out by SDC's experts.

Aug 2014: Society formed:.Fiordland Sewerage Options Inc.
................Email: teanausewage@gmail.com
................Facebook: www.facebook.com/fsoptions

17 Nov 2014: Hearing x3 days resumes.
20 Nov 2014: Hearing ends. Decision to be released Jan 2015
23 Jan 2015: Decision released. Consents granted.
31 Jan 2015: Fiordland Sewerage Options to appeal decision.


30th April 2015:
We wish to thank you for the wonderful donations Fiordland Sewerage Options (FSO) has received. As we do not have
personal details for some of you, we are unable to contact you direct. If you would like a receipt, please ring Vicky at: 027-436-8882.

  • Fundraising: We are now working on raising funds to meet the $50,000.00 cost of lodging an appeal against the sewerage
    project. We have some fun ideas planned and welcome any ideas you might have to help us get the ball rolling.
  • Keep a look out for our designer toilet rolls, we hope to sell 5000 rolls! Cartoon wrappers by: Martin Doyle

FSO Annual General Meeting: Date, 4th June 2015. The meeting will be advertised in a local paper and we will be in touch with all of
our members to let you know the time and place.
. Environment Court of New Zealand

FSO Inc. Committee

23 Jan 2015: Consent has been granted to Southland District Council
(SDC), by the Commissioners. Hearing decision report:
. Hearing Decision

1. Commissioners decision on Resource Consent Applications, consent is granted to SDC as follows:

(a) Discharge Permit No. 302625: To discharge treated wastewater onto land from the Te Anau wastewater treatment plant, via a spray irrigation system, onto land known as the Kepler Block legally described as Lot 2 DP 410687

(b) Discharge Permit to Air No. 302625A: To discharge contaminants to air, namely odour and spray drift, arising from the
irrigation of treated wastewater authorised by Discharge Permit 302625.

2. Recommendations to Southland District Council on Notice of Requirement:

We recommend that the SDC confirm the Notice of Requirement for Designation D80 by the Water and Waste Services
Division of the Council to designate land for public utility purposes (seweage works) on Lot 2 DP 410687.


Download Application, (320 pages) 26 MB


..Below, all 150 submissions on the Sewage Project:

      ..Below, all 40 submissions on Notice of Requirement (NOR)
      . .     ..Designation D80, to designate land at the Kepler Block
      . Submissions, 1 - 40 . Submissions: 1 - 40     . for public utility purposes (sewage works). Re-zoning.
      . .     .
      . Submissions 41 - 72 . Submissions: 41 - 72    

. Submissions, Designation D80, Public Utility . Submissions on NOR. Re-zoning: 1 - 40

      . .     . .
      . Submissions 73 - 105 . Submissions: 73 - 105     . Below, Fish & Game submission, Resource Mgmt Officer:
      . .     . ,

SDC's Resource Consent

      . Submissions 106 - 150.. Submissions: 106 - 150       . Submission Fish & Game.. Submission: Fish & Game, J. Smyth. .

Application. 320 pgs

              . . .

The Kepler Block land is adjacent to the Te Anau-Manapouri Airport approximately 19 kms from Te Anau, 4 kms from Manapouri township and

less than 1 km from nearby homes. The 19 km sewage pipeline from Te Anau will terminate near the airport facility.

Area surrounding the Te Anau-Manapouri Airport when flooded, photo taken 1980's.

1980's flooding at Manapouri Airport