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Lake Manapouri, Fiordland New Zealand. Click for Membership Form
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A Brief Timeline

15 Nov 2013: Environment Southland website - notice posted:
Application from SDC for permits to spray Te Anau sewerage
onto land near Manapouri and discharge sewerage odour to air.

14 Feb 2014: Final date for public to send in a submission.

14 July 2014: Joint Hearing held in Te Anau.

18 July 2014: Hearing adjourned by commissioners. Further
research to be carried out by SDC with results peer reviewed
and sent to submitters for comment.

Aug 2014:
Organization formed: .Fiordland Sewerage Options Inc.
Email contact: . teanausewage@gmail.com
Facebook: . www.facebook.com/fsoptions

17 Nov 2014: Hearing due to be resumed.


Southland District Council: has applied for a 35 yr consent to pipe sewerage 19kms from Te Anau to spray onto land 4kms from Manapouri and less than
1km from nearby homes. Sewerage odour, pollution of groundwater, waterways - including the Waiau R. and L. Manapouri are noted in the Application, as is
bird-strike risk at the adjacent airport. Not mentioned: rates blow-out risk, public health risks and, more appropriate - safer options that ought to be explored.

Download Application, (320 pages) 26 MB

  ..Presentations by public at the Hearing:         Documents from ES, and from SDC and its lawyers,
  . .       sent to submitters June 2014 prior to the Hearing:
  . Jacob Smyth: Fish & Game Submissions Chairman Manapouri CDA       Documents Pre-Hearing
  . .       .
  . Ruth Shaw: Submission to Hearing Manapouri area resident      

SDC, Designation 80, Public Utility.SDC's proposal to re-zone the Kepler Block land

  . .       . . . .as a Public Utility for sewerage disposal.
  . John Hardcastle, Submission to Hearing Manapouri area resident       SDC, Designation 80, Public Utility Submissions objecting to re-zoning.
  . .       . , ,.
. .SDC's Resource Consent
. ..Application. 320 Pages
  .. .Fiordland Advocate: 14 Feb 2013         .Summary of re-zoning submissions.

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