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Bellbird, Lake Manapouri, Fiordland New Zealand.
Permission granted from phoographert/Fairfax NZ. Sign by Ray Willett

A Brief Timeline

15 Nov 2013: Environment Southland posts notice on its website:
The Southland District Council (SDC) has applied for permits to
spray sewage onto land, and to discharge sewage odour into

the air. (Land location: Kepler Block next to the local airport.)

14 Feb 2014: Final date for people to send in a submission.
14 July 2014: Joint Hearing held in Te Anau.
18 July 2014: Hearing adjourned by commissioners. Further
. . .research to be carried out by SDC and results to be peer
. . .reviewed and sent to submitters for comment.

Aug 2014:
Organization formed: .Fiordland Sewerage Options Inc.
Email contact: . teanausewage@gmail.com
Facebook: . www.facebook.com/fsoptions

17 Nov 2014: Hearing x3 days resumes.
20 Nov 2014: Hearing over. Decision to be released Jan 2015


SDC is requesting that permits be granted to allow the following activities:

1. Permission to: spray sewage onto the Kepler land near the Te Anau-Manapouri Airport. The sewage will arrive through a 19km pipe from Te Anau.
2. Permission to: pollute the air with sewage odour. The odour will emanate from sewage being sprayed into the air and onto the land.
3. Permission to: designate the Kepler Block land as a Public Utility (sewage works). The re-zoned land will be exempt from District Plan rules.

FSO Inc. Committee
The Kepler Block land is the site chosen by SDC for the discharge of sewage from Te Anau.
The land is adjacent to the Te Anau-Manapouri Airport, approximately 19kms from Te Anau, 4kms from Manapouri and less than 1km from nearby homes.

SDC's application for resource consent .accepts that there will be: offensive sewage odour, pollution of groundwater, pollution of waterways including the
Waiau River and Lake Manapouri and a risk of bird-strike at the airport. The application does not mention: public health risks, the potential for rates blow-out,
or suggest more appropriate and safer choices that ought to be explored.


Area surrounding the airport when flooded, photo taken 1980's. What will be the result when constant high volumes of sewage is sprayed onto the land?

1980's flooding at Manapouri Airport


Download Application, (320 pages) 26 MB


Presentations at the July 2014 Hearing:

        . .       ..
        . Jacob Smyth: Fish & Game Submissions Chairman, Manapouri CDA       . SDC, Designation 80, Public Utility SDC's proposal to re-zone the Kepler Block land
        . .       .
        . Ruth Shaw: Submission to Hearing Manapouri area resident      

. SDC, Designation 80, Public Utility Submissions objecting to re-zoning.

        . .       . .
        . John Hardcastle, Submission to Hearing Manapouri area resident       . Summary of re-zoning submissions.
        . .       . , ,.

. .SDC's Resource Consent
. ..Application. 320 Pages

        .. .Fiordland Advocate: 14 Feb 2013         . Documents Pre-Hearing sent to submitters June 2014
                        . from SDC and its lawyers, prior to the July Hearing.