Lake Manapouri, Fiordland New Zealand.


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89. 24 May 2016 Southland Times Fiordland Sewerage Options the Story so Far    
88. 17 March 2016 Fiordland Advocate Poo scheme approaches court date    
87. 11 Feb 2016 Fiordland Advocate Rate payers turn out for alternative    
86. 4 Feb 2016 Fiordland Advocate Fair hearing for alternative    
85. 17 Dec 2015

Fiordland Advocate

Wastewater options public meeting.    
84. 10 Dec 2015 Southland Times Council plans committee for Te Anau sewerage scheme    
83. 12 Nov 2015 Fiordland Advocate Te Anau sewerage alternatives shortlisted    
82. 5 Nov 2015 Fiordland Advocate ....Letter: "Sewerage Options".


R. Shaw
81. 25 Sept 2015 Fiordland Advocate ....Letter: "Wastewater Scheme".


R. Shaw
80. 22 Sept 2015 Southland Times ....Letter: "Sewerage Options". (2nd letter on page)


R. Shaw, FSO
79. 10 Sept 2015 Fiordland Advocate Independent wastewater review begins    
78. 8 Sept 2015 Southland Times Te Anau sewerage scheme review underway    
77. 3 Sept 2015 Fiordland Advocate ....Letter: Notice - Peer Review Consultants, meeting.


R. Shaw, FSO
76. 13 Aug 2015 Fiordland Advocate Wastewater committee select peer reviewer    
75. 7 Aug 2015 Southland Times Te Anau wastewater scheme peer reviewer chosen    
74. 6 Aug 2015 Fiordland Advocate ....Letter: "Generous". (fund raising thanks) . ->


FSO Committee
73. 30 July 2015 Southland Times ....'Letter: ."Wastewater Woes". (2nd letter on page). ->


J. Murrell
72. 18 June 2015 Southland Times First Te Anau sewerage committee meeting 'a success'    
71. 11 June 2015 Fiordland Advocate Sewerage court battle stalled again    

4 June 2015

Fiordland Advocate FSO on a Roll    
69. 3 June 2015 Southland Times Members confirmed for Te Anau sewerage committee    
68. 14 May 2015 Fiordland Advocate Wastewater committee conflicted on terms    
67. 23 April 2015 Fiordland Advocate Worth Causing a Stink    
66. 16 April 2015 Fiordland Advocate Alternative Sewerage Scheme Unveiled    


Fiordland Advocate Fiordland Sewerage Option to Save $6 Million FSO advert    
64. 9 April 2015 Southland Times Te Anau sewerage scheme opponents claim $6 savings possible    
63. 12 March 2015 Southland Times Council plans committee for Te Anau sewerage scheme Comments J. Southern (bottom page)
62. 5 March 2015 Fiordland Advocate ....Letter: "Take control" ..->


A. Barrett
61. 27 Feb 2015 Fiordland Advocate Appeal readied .. ... ... . .Letter: "Accountability" .->


M. Hardcastle
60. 19 Feb 2015 Fiordland Advocate ....Letter: "Schemers" ...->


M. Hardcastle
59. 13 Feb 2015 Southland Times An unappealing situation? Good    
58. 12 Feb 2015 Fiordland Advocate Council avoids battle with Manapouri CDA   CDA = Community Development Association
57. 10 Feb 2015 Southland Times Sewerage scheme puts subcommittee at odds with SDC    
56. 5 Feb 2015 Fiordland Advocate Amicable meeting .. ... ... . .Letter: "Save Manapouri" .->


W.J. Baker
55. 31 Jan 2015 Southland Times Putting sludge under the microscope    
54. 29 Jan 2015 Fiordland Advocate Discharge granted    
53. 21 Nov 2014 Southland Times Once more into the spray fray    
52. 20 Nov 2014 Fiordland Advocate Wastewater decision imminent    
51. 19 Nov 2014 Southland Times Row at hearing leads to walkout    
50. 18 Nov 2014 Southland Times Submitters speak on sewerage scheme    
49. 17 Nov 2014 Southland Times Te Anau sewage hearing starts    
48. 13 Nov 2014 Fiordland Advocate Te Anau wastewater hearing reconvenes    



....Letter: "Expensive waste" ..->


R. Willett
46. 23 Oct 2014

Fiordland Advocate

....Letters: "Science" .... .. . ....."Hindsight"..->


K. Ghata......R. Willett
45. 16 Oct 2014

Fiordland Advocate

Opposition growing .. .. . .Letter: "Controversial project" .-> Letter R. Willett
44. 02 Oct 2014

Fiordland Advocate

Advert: "Invite - Drinks at Te Anau Club"    


Southland Express Kicking up a big stink..Interview / R. Smith    
42. 25 Sept 2014 Fiordland Advocate ....Letters.-> Letters V. Burch ....P. Ridder....A. Nicholson
41. 18 Sept 2014 Fiordland Advocate ....Letters.-> Letters R. Willett....J. Murrell....A. P-McDonald
40. 11 Sept 2014 Fiordland Advocate FSO advert: "Protect Your Airport..." Letters L. Weber ...P. Ridder.... A. Youldon
39. 04 Sept 2014 Fiordland Advocate ....Letters -> Letters L. Weber....B. Halligan....G. Tong
38. 21 Aug 2014 Fiordland Advocate FSO advert: "Rates Blowout" .. .. . .Letter: "Says who?" Letter G. Bell



Bold Claims ...Te Anau Community Board    
36. 14 Aug 2014 Fiordland Advocate Wastewater disposal scheme needed . .Letter: "Unbeliveable" .->


G. Wilson
35. 8 Aug 2014 Southland Times Residents may sue over sewerage scheme    
34. 2 Aug 2014 Facebook Page Sewerage Options Inc.   fso on facebook
33. 31 July 2014 Fiordland Advocate ...Letter: ."Consequences" ..-> Letter A. Barrett
32. 24 July 2014 Fiordland Advocate Te Anau poo pipe Hearing adjourned .. Letter: "Contradictory" .-> Letter L. Weber
31. 17 July 2014 Fiordland Advocate Wastewater hearing underway in Te Anau    


Southland Times Scheme raises a stink with some    
29. 16 July 2014 Southland Times Experts questioned on contamination effects    
28. 15 July 2014 Southland Times Council tries to allay wastewater fear    
27. 14 July 2014 Radio NZ News Residents against sewage plan    


Southland Times Pipeline no joke to fuming residents    
25. 7 July 2014 Southland Times Late arrival of wastewater plans unfair    
24. 8 May 2014 Fiordland Advocate ...Letter: "Save Fiordland, Save Manapouri" ...-> Letter A. Paton-McDonald
23. 6 May 2014 Southland Times ...Letter: "Te Anau sewage overflowing" .. -> Letter A. Paton-McDonald
22. 22 April 2014 Southland Times ...Letter: "Sewage spray pollution" .. -> Letter M. Hardcastle
21. 7 April 2014 Southland Times ...Letter: "Costly Plan" .. ->. Letter J. Murrell
20. 2 April 2014 Southland Times Plan Hearings not user friendly    
19. 1 April 2014 Southland Times Confusion at SDC Hearing    
18. 28 March 2014 Southland Times District plan hearings start    
17. 5 March 2014 Southland Times Submitters slam airport effluent plan    
16. 14 Feb 2014 Southland Times ...Letter: "Shades of effluent".... -> Letter A. Youldon
15. 6 Feb 2014 Southland Times Manapouri - sewerage plan unpopular    
14. 5 Feb 2014 Southland Times ...Letter: "Pipeline - what could go wrong?"... -> Letter A. Bednar
13. 30 Jan 2014 Fiordland Advocate ...Letter: "Wastewater woes".. .. -> Letter A. Bednar
12. 16 Jan 2014 Fiordland Advocate Large turnout at sewerage Open Days    



...Letter: "Te Anau sewerage". ... -> Letter T. Loose
10. 9 Jan 2014 Fiordland Advocate ...Letters: "Manapouri sewerage" ........"The big picture" ...-> Letters A. Barrett . . ..A. Nicholson
9. 14 Feb 2013 Fiordland Advocate Te Anau sewerage plan progresses ..Special designation    
8. 19 Dec 2013 Fiordland Advocate Opposition to poo pipeline    
7. 12 July 2012 Fiordland Advocate Sewerage scheme costs slashed    
6. 26 April 2012 Fiordland Advocate Sewage Scheme - development fees, rate payers    
5. 16 July 2011 Southland Times Sewerage filing due next year    
4. 30 Sept 2010 Fiordland Advocate New Airport - rate payers stung    
3. 20 May 2010 Fiordland Advocate Air quality scrutinized    
2. 9 March 2008 Global Travel News Tourists could be landing in the middle of a sewage plant    
1. 16 July 2007 Info News NZ Work progressing on sewerage scheme    

Southland District Council Sewerage Project

The Application is very thorough and defeating it will be a hard task, although the groundwater contamination issue is its weakest link.

Groundwater: Nitrate losses will be high, mainly due to the need to apply the effluent all year. Predicted nitrate losses (using a farm nutrient
management model) are around 120kg/ha/yr.

A typical dairy/beef farm would be between 20 and 40. Predicted nitrate losses will contaminate groundwater in aquifers, after mixing, with
concentrations of up to 9.2mg/l which is close to the world health standard of 11.3.

Above this level, drinking water with this much nitrate can cause blue baby syndrome (a loss of the ability to absorb oxygen). Pregnant
women and babies need to avoid drinking water like this; it is one of the biggest concerns we have in the region at the moment and for
this to occur in a natural state catchment is not good and doesn’t comply with the Regional Policy Statement.

To get rid of nitrate you need anaerobic treatment, such as in a large muddy wetland or an artificial wetland of some sort.
This doesn't seem to have been investigated.
. .NZ Govt: Nitrate Information

Te Anau Sewerage Project - SDC Application 302625 - includes the information noted below

(p 7) 2.6 Effects of Odour and Spray Drift

. . . . . . . .There is a high likelihood that the treated wastewater will become anaerobic given the distace over which the
. . . . . . . .pipeline will convey the wastewater. This situation could make the treated wastewater a potential source of odour.

(p 51) 7.5 Discharge of treated wastewater using spray irrigation has the potential to generate odour and spray drft, causing
. . . . . . . .potential adverse effects beyond the site boundary. Tourists in particular may become exposed to odour when
. . . . . . . .alighting from or boarding a plane while outside the terminal.

(p 56) Table 7.7
(Table includes workers at the airport, farm workers, rural residents likely to be affected by the odour).


Community Sewage Scheme Discharges - Environment Southland Report on the
Regional Effluent Land Application Plan for Southland:

(p 20) 3.1.2

(p 21) INFLUENT or the waste stream which is entering the sewage scheme, is important with respect to the ability of the scheme
. .. . . . .to operate efficiently and effectively. For example, large volumes of storm water entering the system will reduce
. .. . . . .the retention times of the sewage. This will result in a reduction in the quality of the effluent being discharged.

Chemicals and trade wastes which the sewage scheme is may not be designed for, entering the system, may alter the
chemical balance and place the biological components of the scheme under stress, resulting in a reduction of effluent quality.

(p 21) . .See above file * No Southland territorial authority has in place trade waste bylaws, or the ability to monitor what
. .. .. .. . effects the influent stream is having on the resulting discharge from their schemes.

Contaminants - if discharged at too high a rate, the soil ecosystem may become overloaded, and the living organisms
in the soil will be unable to process all of the contaminants. If this occurs, there is potential for the contaminants to
adversely affect the life supporting capacity of the soil ecosystem, and/or leach into water, and consequentially, adversely
affect the water ecosystem. If the loading rates are to high, overland runoff may also occur, resulting in surface water

Trade Process Effluent - Regional Effluent Land Application Plan for Southland

(p 25) 3.1.5
. See above file *

Wastewater: The mix of domestic, including sewage, and industrial wastewater.
Foulwater: The liquid effluent from any industrial, trade process or municipal source.

Trade premises can produce large quantities of effluent and/or effluent with a high degree of contamination. The effluent
produced can contain environmental pollutants such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons, nutrients, or a mixture of other

The contaminants contained in the effluent are dependent on a combination of the raw materials used and the process
that produces it. The range of effluent qualities and quantities gives rise to a range of potential adverse effects.

Examples of these types of premises include small restaurants, retail outlets and other businesses, larger restaurants,
motels, licensed hotels and the like, produce effluent that is similar in character, but larger in volume to Industrial Effluent.

Often these type of premises are connected to a community sewage scheme, or use a foul water drainage system
with some form of soakage. For these type of premises, it is often difficult to distinguish between what is a fould water
discharge, and what is an industrial or trade process effluent.

In order to avoid any potential adverse effects on the soil and water ecosystems or human and animal health, a number of
factors have to be addressed, including: The suitability of the site to act as a receiving environment needs to be assessed
prior to the design of the effluent system...... aspect and proximity to residential areas need to be identified as well as the
trade waste bylaws.

Submission to Ministry of the Environment . .Government's Plans for our Rivers .extract below.

"The National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011 (NPS FM) requires Regional Councils, in setting their freshwater
objectives, to maintain or improve "overall" water quality within their region. That sounds reassuring, but in fact it is grossly misleading.

In practice the proposed Framework allows Councils to set attributes that would permit a significant deterioration in water quality in
some water management units (e.g. L. Manapouri) so long as there were “offsetting” improvements in other management units
within the region. (e.g. Upukerora R.) *

It’s not clear how these "offsets" would be audited and indeed whether water management units are sufficiently independent to
make the measurement, definition and maintenance of such offsets credible.

We recommend that Councils be required to maintain or improve water quality in every management unit. To be clear, (and also
consistent withthe general message in NPS FM) no offsetting would be permitted.

If the government wants to retain wriggle room it could state that a Council, in exceptional circumstances, may permit a
deterioration in water quality, but in so doing it would be required to be very public about the permitted deterioration, the
reasons for allowing it, who will benefit and what the likely long-term costs will be for water quality and the environment."


Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment . .Warning - Worsening Water Quality .Jan Wright: